Sunday, December 13, 2009

Money Saver: Knock-Off Baby Legs

A few years ago when Monkey was born, I saw a pair of Baby Legs on a friend's baby and thought they were so cute! It was even better when I discovered they had Baby Legs for boys. But at $15 a pair back then, it was more of an item for a wish list than a shopping list. The one pair I did get Monkey, we wore out! They were great on his little legs when he crawled on our hardwoods. They make diaper changing a breeze and they are also a must for "shot days" at their well-check visits. You don't have to worry about pulling pants back on over their sore little legs.

Because I'm always looking for a bargain I found Baby Legs on sale BOGO on their website for a limited time.

But when a friend reminded me that I could make my own, I got even more excited! Women's knee high socks, with a little "tweaking" can make perfect faux Baby Legs. (Pack of three women's knee highs for $6 this weekend at Target.)

You can hem the bottoms or leave them to curl naturally like I do. Does anybody else just want to nibble on baby toes like me? Yum!

What an adorable model! :-) This boy so has me wrapped around that chubby baby toe.


  1. OMG that never even crossed my mind :) I'm definitely gonna make Jace some babylegs now!! Thanks!

  2. Jenn, since you're a dancer, I was wondering what you would think of this...glad you like it!

  3. Thx for posting - I'm off to get my scissors, and NOT my sewing machine. :)

  4. Love this! Thank you for posting the pictures. I'm a visual learner!

  5. I did it! So easy. I paid 6.99 for three pair...which still comes out cheaper than the Target knock-off brand. And they look so cute a little longer and with the rolled bottom. And I realized that I can still wear the footie part. It is just the really low-rise sock but it works for around the house!

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