Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip - 5/4/09

When I write out my weekly shopping trip, I do it in an Excel spreadsheet. In the second column I have an estimate of what that item will cost. And the fun thing with Excel is the formulas that automatically tabulate for you. So I get an idea of what I'm spending before I even hit the store.

Anyways, this week, the formula in the spreadsheet said I was going to go WAAAY over the budget this week. I was a little nervous going into it. But a lot of what I put down I overpriced or there were some good sales that really helped me out! Yay for good weeks!

I realized after I took this picture, that I had left some additional groceries in the car. By the time I discovered it, the above items were put away. Sorry!

Target Total - $42.64
Generic dryer sheets 3.49
Hormel Black Label Bacon 2.99
Peter Pan peanut butter 2.00 (The shelf was labeled with the wrong price, but she let me have it anyways! Woohoo!)
black olives .92
3 cans tomatoes 1.77
water chestnuts .89
Generic raisin bran 2.46
Rice Chex 2.99
black beans 1.54
generic oregano 1.64
McCormick paprika 2.54
McCormick onion powder 2.99
generic cumin 2.09
Bananas .43
generic apple juice 1.12
generic whole milk 2.29
generic eggs 1.67
Colgate toothpaste 3.64 (had a .75 coupon)
Box of Ziploc plasticware 4.99

Natural Grocers Total - $5.14
Pacific rice milk 2.15
Tinkyada rice penne pasta 2.99

Sprouts Total - $21.17
Mission corn tortillas 1.50
Bulk almonds (impulse buy, I was hungry) 1.95
Bulk dried apples (another impulse, but this was for Monkey) 1.12
GF waffles (BOGOF!!!) 3.49
2 lb grd beef 3.92
blackberries .77
celery .77
cucumber .69
cabbage .90
2 boxes strawberries 4.00
head lettuce 1.29
yellow squash .92
bag credit -.15

Weekly Budget - $75.00
This Week's Total - $68.95
Difference - $6.05 under budget

As I typed this out, I realized I left a few items off the list that I'm going to have to go back and get. But with the wiggle room in this week's budget, I think I'm going to be fine.

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  1. Gotta hate the price of spices/seasonings!! I typically shop at Kroger, and all they carry is the Kroger brand or the "McCormick Gourmet Collection." Some of those "Gourmet" spices are $4-5 a bottle! And they are tiny. I have my mom send me large bottles of standard McCormick chili powder that she can buy at HEB in Midland. It's my favorite and I can never find it. Everything has to be "gourmet." Urgh! I did find, though, that buying not-so-often-used spices in the bulk section of Central Market pays off. I bought celery salt one day for something like $0.32. I don't need it much, and don't need a lot.