Sunday, April 5, 2009

Menu Plan SUNday - 04/06/09

This week's already gone awry before it's started. LOL! Sweet MIL is out of town tomorrow, so Monkey is going to school tomorrow instead of Gramma's. The sticky part here is N always picks up Monkey on Gramma Day, so I have the few hours immediately after work to do the weekly grocery shopping. Not so this week. Momma and school's on duty, which means I had to scramble today to get the menu plan and grocery list squared away. With a sick baby, sick husband, preggo (Adderal-less) brain, tight schedule, and what I think might be my OWN cold, the menu plan and shopping trip left a lot to be desired.

It started off with making the mistake of taking Monkey WITH me so N could rest. Wow. Big mistake. I see now why Gayle recommends NOT shopping with the kids. First he knocked two bottles of glass items off the shelves and made a disaster in the aisle. Which started a major cry fest for the whole store to hear - the crashing scared him. Then when I went to pay, I realized I didn't have my wallet. So a quick call to N to come bring me my wallet and to please fetch his son, solved the issue. But at some point in this, I lost my gumption and said "screw the list". Oy. I'm gonna pay for this.

I read a quote last week talking about pregnancy brain being compared to feeling like a koala bear that is slightly stoned all the time. OMG, I can sooo relate to that. I think that describes me perfectly lately. Except my munchy cravings don't include bamboo leaves, but peanut butter cookies and chocolate covered raisins.

Anyhoo, with lots of grace and patience with myself, the end of today is drawing near. Tomorrow is a new start. Onwards to the menu plan...

Monday: Cuban Black Bean Soup with Mango Pineapple salsa (new recipe I'm trying out)
Tuesday: Huevos Rancheros
Wednesday: Salmon Patties on fresh greens (encore from last week's hit!)
Thursday: Fried pork chops/black beans over polenta
Friday: Home made pizza
Weekend: leftovers

For more fun menu plans, visit Laura over at! I'll be sharing my Weekly Grocery Trip details in my next post.


  1. Oh no! I hate trips like that. Knock on wood, we haven't had the horrific crash scene, but I can totally imagine. I try to avoid shopping (any kind) with children. And if halos were passed out on the basis of surviving shopping with children, I have earned mine over and over again!

    Btw. The only thing worse than taking one child with you is having to take three. You either laugh or cry at the ridiculousness of those circumstances.

  2. I won't even go into the details of my last disastrous grocery trip with the schnitz. Granted, he'd had no nap, but still. Feeling your pain!

    You'll have to let me know how the black bean soup was. I actually just found a black bean soup with shredded pork recipe (crockpot..woohoo) the other day that looks good too! I'll let you know what we think:-) And it's ok for the schnitz with no modifications, so you'd be good to go too!